Reforms of the doctoral programs

Emergence of a new type of doctorate; professional doctorate

Dan Potolea, Steliana Toma, Oana Mosoiu

7-25 |

Policies and trends in the field of psychological and educational research

Developments and trends in the methodology of psycho-social research

Romeo Zeno Crețu

41-64 |

Emerging trends and recent developments in education research

Cătălina Urlich

65-84 |

Projects and researches

The psycho-pedagogical profile of a tutor in e-learning

Maria Goga

99-113 |

The perceptual mediated learning program for the blind children

Claudia Veronica Marinache

130-141 |

Predictors of academic achievement in higher education

Cristina Tulbure

168-188 |


Laudatio Domini - Hannele Niemi

189-192 |

Laudatio Domini - Michael Schratz

193-196 |