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Published: 2018-09-27

Perception of international student’s towards education services in Romania: Expectations and challenges.

Universitatea din București
student’s perception student’s expectation higher education academic challenges


The study examines the perception, expectations and challenges among international students studying in higher learning institutions in Romania. The study has employed an open- ended questionnaire to collect largest student opinions. The study has involved participants from the University of Bucharest, University of Politehnica, University of Ploiesti, Academic studies of Economic Bucharest (ASE), Babes Bolyai, and Carol Davila University of Medicine. The international students involved in this study were almost from  Asia, Africa, Southern America, and Europe. The responses of international students were divided into two parts. The first part discusses the perception and expectations and the second part presents the challenges faces such as education style, financial difficulties, language barriers, Homesickness, supervision problems, and cultural/social adjustment.


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Kambuga, Y. (2018). Perception of international student’s towards education services in Romania: Expectations and challenges. Studia Doctoralia, 5(1-2), 104–116.