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Published: 2018-09-27

Abordări pragmatice în educația modernă: Educația despre standardizare

Universitatea Creștină ”Dimitrie Cantemir”, București
standard proces standardizare sistem educație


In recent years there were in educational environments, intense debates on two major topics and trends related to standards and standardization: standardization in education and education about standardization. These trends were enabled, in our view, by the accelerated pace of implementation in everyday life of  scientific and technical discoveries as well as by the higher development rate of economic and business environments in respect to the  educational environments. Another reason for the development of these trends is the need for a more efficient correlation between the labor market needs and the offer of educational environments.


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Chină, R. (2018). Abordări pragmatice în educația modernă: Educația despre standardizare. Studia Doctoralia, 5(1-2), 22–37.