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Published: 2018-09-24

Stop cadru: furnizorii de formare profesională continuă în România

Centrul Național de Dezvoltare a Învățământului Profesional și Tehnic
continuous vocational training providers trainers effective trainer skills CVT offer mechanisms to support adults' participation in CVT partnerships


Employment growth, increasing adaptability and performance of those working in a dynamic labour market conditions, increasing the duration of active life are needs fulfilled by vocational training programmes in general, and particularly by continuous vocational training (CVT) programmes. A way of understanding the structure and functioning of CVT systems in the multi-level analysis: the political level -policy-makers, the operational level -public and private CVT providers and the beneficiaries (individuals, institutions, society as a whole).
Regarding the operational level, the measures dedicated to training market development in Romania have already effects. The training programmes offer has increased since 2000s. Necessary interventions at this level should focus now on providing quality CVT, having as key elements: partnerships within the training providers, the employers and other representatives of the labour market, orientation of training offer to clearly defined sectors/ areas of training, an integrated approach of customer needs, increase training providers visibility and credibility among employers.


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Cîrstea, I.-L. (2018). Stop cadru: furnizorii de formare profesională continuă în România. Studia Doctoralia, 3(1), 116–136.