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Published: 2013-09-22

Analiza percepției cadrelor didactice asupra educației dincolo de școală - Studiu comparativ

educație nonformală atitudini comportament


In the context of the educational system in Romania, analysis of teacher perceptions on outdoor education becomes a crucial factor, as the role of teachers in this process involves a change in methodology, approach, organizational fonns, student- teacher relationship, evaluation.
The comparative study of outdoor education has continued the results of European research project "Outdoor Education: Authentic Learning in the context of landscapes" financed by European Union Comenius 2.1 action, developed by a partnership of educational institutions in five European countries: Austria, Czech Republic. Germany, Sweden and UK over three years. The overall objective of the analysis focused national and European perspectives on outdoor education to promote a uniform approach to Jhis form of education.


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Rotaru, C. (2013). Analiza percepției cadrelor didactice asupra educației dincolo de școală - Studiu comparativ. Studia Doctoralia, 2(1), 78–87.