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Published: 2018-09-22

Dominante motivaționale pentru performanță și satisfacție în muncă în mediul militar

achievement motivation motivational sources job satisfaction


The aims of this study is to capture the relationship between motivational sources (typology proposed by Leonard, Beauvais and Scholl, 1999), achievement motivation (Schuler, Thornton and Frintrup, 2000) and job satisfaction (Spector and Lamond, 2002) in order to identify those motivational features that can help to improve job performance and job satisfaction in an organizational environment affected by nowadays economic crisis. There are some general rules which apply to everyone, but most people are usually motivated by what they perceive as rewards and there are different ways to get them committed and motivated. An evolving socio-economic context creates prerequisites for continuous readjustments of strategies to motivate employees in order to obtain job performance and job satisfaction. The results of this study, based on data collected from JOO subjects who work in the Romanian public institution allowed us to approach motivation as a process and to diagnose and plan a new organizational strategy for improving job performance, job satisfaction and commitment in this particular organizational sector.


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Ionică, C. (2018). Dominante motivaționale pentru performanță și satisfacție în muncă în mediul militar. Studia Doctoralia, 2(1), 54–65.